Designing Your PCB

Each design differs from one to the next, whether by component selection, size, cost, mechanical restraints or cusomer request. Working together, we can design your board with a focus on QUALITY, RELIABLITIY, SCHEDULES, and COST.

You will need to provide:


  • A complete schematic (Redlines or Markup is acceptable).
  • A complete Bill of Materials
  • Datasheets for all components to be used in the design.
  • A list of critical signals that shall have special attention when routed.

Mechanical - mecanical drawing or mark-up for the PCB which will have:

  • Dimensions
  • Tooling hole sizes and locations
  • Keep out areas: mechanical and electrical
  • Number of layers to be used
  • Dimensioned connector locations if applicable
  • Critical component placement
  • Component palcement top or bottom
  • Board thickness
  • Board material
  • Board finish

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